A Brief History of Traditional Chinese Costum

The Chinese people have been wearing traditional Chinese costumes for over 5000 years. They have made of course changes to it and developed new ones along the way. Many traditional Chinese costume designs can be found throughout history. Many of them can be seen in the paper today in China and in Europe. Many people have gotten used to them and many still like to wear them. They are a huge part of traditional Chinese culture.

One of the most common Chinese traditional costume is the black robe. These are referred to as Zhi Nu or Power Robes in English. There are actually two styles of this kind of costume. The first is the traditional long robe, which comes in black with a big belt and thin black stripes. This is a common design and originally was meant to be worn by high ranking officials.

The second style is a much shorter one that is kung fu inspired and comes in bright red. These costumes are worn today by younger Chinese women who want to be more daring and who want to stand out from the crowd. They usually come with bright red accents and are popular among Chinese girls who want to show off to their friends.

Traditionally the costumes themselves are very colorful. They come in red, green, blue and sometimes they even have gold accents. Many of these colors represent the Chinese language and tradition and represent the hopes of the future of Chinese immigration to the West. There are also traditional Chinese costumes designed for more somber and dramatic purposes.

For example, there is the Peacock feathers costume. It is actually a white and red skirt combined with the peacock feathers that are placed on the skirt. Many find this very elegant and prefer it over other types of costumes. They can choose to wear this costume to just a casual event or to a more formal one.

Another costume is the Paper lantern costume. This costume depicts a traditional Chinese jade and paper lantern. The jade is used to represent power and to project an image of luxury. The paper lantern is also used to ward off evil spirits. This is often worn as a more intimate costume to events like a wedding or more formal events.

The most outrageous costumes represent more of an art form than anything else. One costume portrays a man who carries a sword and appears to be quite well dressed. He is adorned with gold jewelry and his weapon is a sword he carries in his scabbard. On the other end of the spectrum is a woman who wears nothing but a loin cloth and wears exotic Chinese shoes and a loin cloth covered in a fur wrap. This costume is certainly not for the faint of heart!

Of course there are many traditional Chinese costumes available that do not portray women as sexual objects. They do not depict black and white characters nor do they portray ethnic Chinese people. These types of costumes are fun and appropriate for the Halloween season or any time of the year. If you want to add something a little bit different to your Halloween costume this year, you may want to consider a traditional costume.

There are many traditional Chinese costumes to choose from. There are fair maidens, evil women, caveman, panda bear, monkey, jade, and many more. Most of these costumes are popular amongst children and are a great way for kids to get into the Chinese tradition without bringing shame to themselves. However, adult women and men alike are attracted to these costumes because they are very realistic, which attracts many adults to try out the traditional Chinese garb.

You can buy your costume from many costume stores both online and offline. Online retailers offer a wider selection of items and have better prices. Offline retailers have a large inventory and often have better prices on their products. When you choose your costume, make sure you order it two or three months in advance to guarantee yourself that it will arrive on time. This gives you enough time to pick out your costume and return the one you do not like.

If you do purchase a traditional Chinese costume online, be sure you read the description carefully and know exactly what you are buying. The description should give you a clear picture of what the costume will look like and if possible give you a couple of pictures to compare with. If you are unsure what you are ordering, it is always wise to ask for assistance from the retailer or the website seller so you receive the best product for the lowest price.

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